This VIP of a local company visited a 103 years “young” woman on Christmas Day with his daughter and his grand-child. They took blessings, food and gifts but were blessed beyond measure by being prayed for and blessed by a great woman of faith.


A volunteer who took time away from her job as a realtor shops for over 385 pairs of shoes that are going to people in need. Because of people like you $1,000 was given and Lori went shopping. You can see the results and she had money left over and went to buy skinny jeans for holiday giving.


Bags of Blessings: Clothes, Food, Toys and Hope ready to deliver to over 29 nationalities locally and in surrounding areas.


Everyone’s a helper. Her family of five started out as clients and became volunteers.


This little girl’s dream was for a Dora. Angels gave her a Dora jacket. Look at that smile.


Chaplains and volunteers became porters to transport 58,000 pounds of food to cars, trucks, busses and homes via a mobile food pantry. What a great day to serve tremendous hunger. 100 volunteers participated and the food was distributed in 2 1/4 hours at First Christian Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Angel’s Santa Workshop. Educational items and toys of all kinds. Wishes being met and given with unconditional love.


Meeting a need 250 miles away. Taking windows for a house with no windows or doors. Taking clothes, food, help and hope to a family in critical need. Dr. Donna George greets a young boy to let him choose the toys of his dreams. This was a very small piece of a larger initiative in this community.


Meet Sid, Matt, and Darrel. Sid, a rancher, single handedly cut logs for fuel for Matt, who was an active Angel’s volunteer whose wife was dying of cancer in a house with no heat. He delivered the load to Matt’s house and Darrel helped him split and upload it. Angel’s is always there to support in every way possible.


With seven coaches in tow, as a team-building exercise, the La Cueva High School Football Team volunteered to renovate a seniors whole property. They busted up concrete, landscaped, planted, installed sprinkler systems, removed bushes and trees, re-roofed and rebuilt the porch, built a prayer walk and remade a cinder block wall to secure the property. Ms. Lynn’s dream was to look out her den window and see nothing but beauty, including a prayer walk and a garden for her Lady of Guadalupe. Lasting relationships were formed that day from young to senior. Work skills were taught to young men that they will use for a lifetime.


A Christmas Drive done by First Christian Church’s Congregation in Albuquerque, New Mexico collected Christmas gift donations for Angels to be distributed to the community.


Welcome Nepal, Dargee family, full of dreams and hope.  Immigrants to a new country with only their young son speaking English.  Theirs is a miracle story.


Please Miss, Can you give us food for mom and dad?


“You call it crochet! I want to learn this one for my family.”


Coats, coats and more coats!!  Keep them coming.


First snow in our new country.  And the snow man will follow.


White out deliveries a hundred miles away.


Dedicating their baby to God.  What a great way to welcome Christmas.