1. Connie And Robert Rougemont

    “Angels” have been a God sent to too many people in their time of need both in New Mexico and other states where their helping hand is very much needed or have request their help.

    The “Angels” provide families with a need for food, clothing, furniture and any other needs that they may need and do so in a compassionate and caring way.

    We have personally known Sandy and Darrel of the “Angels” for the past 15 years and know what a tremendous job they do in helping people in their time of need. They are the most compassionate people we know who go above and beyond in their quest to help people in need. God Bless you both and your volunteers for all the good you do for all the people in need.

  2. Marvin Pendergrass

    It is such a rewarding experience volunteering with Angels Acts of Kindness as I have experienced so many families and individuals being blessed by the donated furniture, clothing and other household goods that we help deliver where they otherwise had little to nothing. Imagine the joy that is left behind where they will sleep on a bed now instead of the floor. Provisions from “Angels” enable so many to establish a home of their own. I have seen how well connected “Angels” is with so many agencies and businesses that money donated is used to purchase food and goods for pennies on the dollar for those in need. And donated furniture, clothing and other goods as well as financial support always has someone in need waiting for your generosity.

  3. Matt & Lisa

    The Angels team helping us was so much more than we could have hoped for with my wife’s cancer. The special equipment for her medical care included an adjustable bed and a Jazzie electric chair.

    It gave her independence in the last few months. Our utilities were off but Angels stabilized that situation. Also wood was gathered and split for our fireplace.
    No one knows how much it means to have a visit and hope that AAOK brought us in our time of need.

    Thank God for Volunteers and an organization that fives to meet so many needs in our community and the world they touch.

    Matt & Lisa

  4. Linda Kelly

    I moved to Albuquerque N. Mx. for better climate. I was struggling in so many ways. A nurse in my card gave me an Angels card and said, “Call Sandi” – she was there the next day.

    The WISH list that she filled out for me began to materialize.

    In just a couple of weeks I had all the things delivered to set up my apartment & transportation was provided & worked out.

    Several months later I took a turn for the worse.

    They helped me even when I was diagnosed with cancer next to the heart.
    I wanted to go back home to be with my daughter.

    Sandi worked with my doctors & prepared all the information for getting my care transferred to my home state.

    This group goes above and beyond everywhere, everytime.

    I think what is really needed is more good people like them, more funds for their wonderful support.

    Thank you for choosing to help Angels do more everywhere they go.

    They are a miracle in progress. And I’m thankful they paid my way home & they pave the way for others everyday.

    Linda Kelly

  5. Joel D

    Baby Kim Phoenix was born with full body cancer & no one in our country could help.

    With hope almost gone I was introduced to Angels Acts of Kindness in America. It wasn’t long at all before they found a way to help by raising funds & finding a foundation that specialized in her diagnosis.

    Working with a hospital in the Philippines, our baby Kim was treated & given a chance to live. In that moment my family knew.

    God sends Miracles any distance. ———- It is so good to know that in these times.

    There is an agency that gives everything they can.

    They lifted us up in our darkest hour.
    Joel D.

  6. Jessie

    Going thru some rough time as a student and father of a young child, I was able to pour out my heart.

    And there was Sandi. This friendly, level headed lady that tells you “don’t give up!” “I believe in you.” And as all my families needs were met from diapers, to car repair & help with college. Our world exploded into a better job, a future with a group to cheer us on.

    We went from small apartment to our first house.

    Each room filled with furnishings from Angels.

    We have volunteered for them and in so doing have our children giving too.
    Angels work is contagious. The way they serve is phenomenal. The only way they are limited is financially & needing a larger place, giving them financial support.

    They can purchase many more supplies for education, for kindergarden to college. Have more food distribution. They teach you to believe you can make life better.

    “its all about choices!” I will never forget a phone call from Sandi.

    Out of the blue she just called to encourage me.

    I was on a bus – ready to give up & she heard my heart breaking. She reminded me of my dream & connected me with a man who hired me the very next day.
    A great job.

    Now my family is larger. My hopes & dreams are coming true. All because a group of Angels restored my faith in God & Humanity.


  7. Martin

    I, Martin De La Cruz, am writing this letter on behalf of family in our community.

    Angels Acts of Kindness has been a tremendous help in our community for 13 years or more. For instance a single mom of three little ones Angels provided clothing, food, coats, gifts and household products. Angels also helped the Chavez family with food, clothing, funds for bills and some legal assistance. Angels also helped the Sanchez family of 5 with many things.

    I don’t know where to start. Angels Acts of Kindness has been a blessing in our community. Thank you Sandy for all your help and all you and your family do in the city of Albuquerque. Hundreds of visits by their teams have brought encouragement, warmth with coats and blankets and love – with all the spirit of Christmas all year.

    Great work!!!
    Ramon, Stella & Martin De La Cruz

  8. David G

    I met the Angels Group going thru cancer.

    Sandi just walked up to me and said “how can we help?”

    That lead to a wonderful car that not only got me out of the cold to go to chemo treatments but also allowed me to finish school & start a CPA business.

    When this Angel takes you to her heart Miracles happen & blessings abound. Not only does this organization help in life & death situations but they believe in you.
    They ask what your dreams are & gathering information from your answer, they find the tools you need to accomplish your goal. Nothing compares to the personal attention & 1 on 1 support that this encouragement brings into my life.

    Their organization provides everything they can. They are like a butterfly.
    They listen & they light the world with Kindness and compassion.

    David G.

  9. Charles C

    My family divided.

    But Angels was there to help all of us in the transition from hurt, health & healing.

    You would never know now that we would have ever had a problem in the world.

    The Grace & compassion that walked in our door brought solutions we could address to change our lifestyle & step by step, not only did they get us back to togetherness but got us back to being a family. We restored our faith in God & could never have made it this far.

    A world without these wonderful people.

    They have helped us grow in so many ways.

    They challenge you to make good choices & to stay the course & reach for what you really want out of life.

    Thank you Angels for your guiding so many families into a better tomorrow. You feed the poor & now we can help too.

    Charles C.

  10. Cecilia

    Angels has a special way of touching lives.

    I know because we didn’t loose our home of 29 years.

    A stranger handed us a card & said “Get ready to see things get better.”

    My husband was injured in an accident.

    Everything we had was on the line.

    Through Angels and their negotiations we were able to place our home in a moratorium for 6 months.

    Their agency provided counsel & found us a way to breathe. We were able to see our future.

    Our children received everything they needed to continue school. Our home was saved. My husband is back to work.

    Our lives are restored all because of this wonderful Angels Group.

    They are always there to hear your problems and find you options to choose from.

    Angels Acts of Kindness is always a miracle walking.

    We were 1 step from homeless & now we are whole.

    Thank you Angels for all you do.


  11. Anna

    My father was bedridden for over 15 years.

    I saw television coverage on television and heard what great work AAOK does. I call the night before Christmas eve knowing that if this was my dads last Christmas. I wanted something good for him and for a new grandson not yet born.

    Sandi from Angels came that very afternoon and brought peaches and cream. The bible on tape in Spanish was Cipriano’s, my dad, only language. He rose to sit up in his bed.

    Sandi came almost daily with food, prayers and clothing for all the extended household. They helped to clean the acres so that our city wouldn’t [seize] the home he loved so much. They replaced appliances and furnished hope all the time.

    Angels Acts of Kindness went above and beyond. They built a play house for the neighborhood children so that he could see them play.

    When he was dying she gathered the children that he taught to be drug & alcohol free and brought them to him for a blessing. At her side as he was buried the children stood blowing kisses as he was put to rest. He asked her to always provide for us. She made the funeral happen.

    The Angel group has taken care of us bringing healing & caring – school supplies – coats – mentorship comes in bunches with them.

    They are a wellspring of encouragement.

    I am proud to be their friend.

  12. Ryan Pace Sloan

    Last year I volunteered to build a website for AAOK and during the process of building it lead to me being extremely blessed in my professional life. God rewards people who support His work and dealing with this organization has strengthened my faith and shown me how God provides for those who love and serve Him. Anything you do to help this organization will come back to you as a blessing.

  13. Angels Acts of Kindness has been there for Emerson Elementary for quite some time.

    They have helped our needy parents and children with almost everything, furniture, cookware, blankets, food, gifts, jackets, school supplies, walkers and even wheel chairs for families that can’t afford to buy them.

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being there.

  14. Ryan

    This organization does the most amazing things for people in need with the unconditional love of Jesus.

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